Phase 1 & 2 ESA: Soil and Groundwater Contamination Survey

Phase 1 & 2 ESA: Soil and Groundwater Contamination Survey

Industrial Property, Prachin Buri, Thailand

SLP Environmental was appointed by a global specialty fibres manufacturer to provide a  package of due diligence studies associated with the acquisition of a 50ha landplot for the construction of their new state-of-the-art lyocell fiber production plant. SLP was awarded the contract to perform the Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment (as per ASTM E1527-13 and E1903-11 practice). Non ASTM scope services instructed under the same contract included a Geotechnical Investigation, Flood Risk Assessment, Topographic Survey, Groundwater Pumping Tests and an EIA Screening Study.

The Phase I ESA study comprised of desk study, site and environs reconnaissance and interviews with key informants. This facilitated the development of a preliminary conceptual site model (CSM) for the property and a determination as to whether any Recognised Environmental Conditions (REC) were associated with the subject property.

The Phase 2 ESA comprised of an intrusive site investigation that targeted the likely release areas identified during the Phase 1 ESA. The scope of works included the rotary boring of eleven exploratory holes and the excavation of eight trial pits. Temporary groundwater monitoring wells were installed in selected soil bores and groundwater pumping tests were conducted to determine sustainable yield.  Soil and groundwater samples  were recovered and submitted to an ISO:17025 accredited laboratory for analysis for a range of potential contaminants of concern (PCOC).

The geotechnical survey comprised of the additional boring of 26No. deep boreholes and the excavation of 8No. trial pits across the site for in-situ and ex-situ testing.

The Flood Risk Assessment adopted a multiple lines of evidence approach to assess flood risk at the subject property based on a Review of Historical Flooding Data, Geoinformatics Data, Consultations with Government Agencies and Key Informants and the Spot Levelling of Key Features.

SLP also conducted an EIA Screening Study to determine if the Project is categorised under the relevant national laws, regulations or notifications as being required to prepare any kind of environmental impact assessment.