Environmental, Health, Safety & Social Monitoring

Environmental, Health, Safety & Social Monitoring

Coal Mining Operation, Sagaing Region, Myanmar

SLP Environmental Co., Ltd was appointed by the borrower on behalf of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to perform bi-annual Environmental and Social (E&S) Performance Monitoring and OHS Auditing services on a Category A coal mining operation located in Sagaing Region, Myanmar. The primary objective of the four year assignment is to assess the borrowers compliance with (and implementation of) project specific requirements in the project’s Environmental and Social Action Plan (ESAP), applicable IFC Performance Standards, WBG Sector Specific EHS Guidelines and numerous environmental and social (E&S) safeguards subplans developed for the project under its ESMS.


The project consists of a large scale coal mining operation and associated activities such as heavy equipment maintenance, coal storage and materials haulage. Associated facilities include accommodation, fuel depot and generating sets. The project is situated in a particularly remote area characterised by high conservation value habitat and critically endangered species are confirmed present within the Projects Area of Influence (AOI).

In additional to the core ESIA and ESMP documentation prepared for the project, other various project specific E&S safeguards subplans have been developed for the project under the projects ESMS, including a Biodiversity Action Plan (including Biodiversity Offset Management Plan), Stakeholder Engagement Plan (including Grievance Redress Procedure), Contractor Management Plan, Supplier Screening Procedure, Workers Grievance Mechanism, Mine Rehabilitation Plan and a Community Health Program.

In addition to the E&S performance monitoring aspects of the assignment, SLP also conducts OHS compliance audits at the operation against a list of key OHS performance indicators developed for mining operations by SLP. Furthermore, SLPs brief also includes providing other ad hoc technical support to the borrower with respect to capacity building, technical review and onsite training etc.

SLP issues biannual performance monitoring surveillance audit reports which present the findings filed under relevant E&S theme, along with a risk rating and prioritization for action. Each performance monitoring surveillance audit report also includes an Implementation Tracking Matrix allowing the Sponsor and Lender to analyze E&S performance over time, identify trends and prioritise and escalate any repeated shortcomings in E&S performance.