Vietnam: SLP Environmental Offer ISO And ASTM Standard EDD Services In Vietnam

Vietnam: SLP Environmental Offer ISO And ASTM Standard EDD Services In Vietnam

Press Release: 16th May 2009

Vietnam was recently described in a UK Trade and Invest Report as one of the most attractive emerging markets globally. Foreign Direct investment (FDI) is at record rates with Vietnam currently ranking fifth in the world with a FDI estimate for 2008 of US$60 billion, with additional billions being loaned for new infrastructure projects by International Financial Institutions such as the Asian Development Bank. These projects include hydroelectric power plants, wastewater treatment and waste disposal facilities, urban mass transit schemes, new expressways and the upgrading of existing roads and canals and the merger, acquisition and divesture of agricultural, aquacultural, mining and manufacturing facilities.

Over the last decade or so, industrial activities in Vietnam have made a significant contribution to the stable development of the country’s socio-economic and national economic development targets. However, in the development process, these industrial manufacturing activities and associated infrastructure expansion works have taken their toll on Vietnam’s natural environment and environmental law enforcement has historically been patchy and often lax. It is not uncommon to read reports in the Vietnam press of rivers and groundwaters polluted by large volumes of untreated industrial effluent and municipal wastewater, or how the uncontrolled burial of hazardous wastes has contaminated groundwaters making them unusable for drinking water supply.

To put the problem in perspective, the number of polluting companies is now so high, and the effects of pollution so visible, that some banks are exercising corporate social responsibility and refusing to lend to polluting companies without concrete evidence that they are taking real steps to tackle their irresponsible environmental behavior.

SLP Environmental Consultants (Vietnam) offer a comprehensive range of Environmental Due Diligence (EDD services) and environmental services to international investors to support business transactions such as mergers and acquisitions. We understand the critical importance of environmental due diligence (also known as Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment) and compliance assessment as part of the risk and liability management assessment process associated with any sensitive business transaction. We are uniquely placed in the Vietnamese market to deliver a quality EDD product as we combine internationally acquired expertise with an in-depth understanding of Vietnam’s regulatory framework. This ensures that our reports both conform to international quality standards, such as ISO 14015 and ASTM E1527-05, and address compliance with local regulatory requirements.

Our advice is always carefully tailored, commercially focused and clearly communicated, enabling our clients’ to manage uncertainties and make real-world decisions within challenging timeframes. Our project sector experience includes the property, manufacturing, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, energy and telecommunications sectors and our satisfied clients include; developers, funders, investors, insurers, lawyers, risk & liability management firms, environmental consultancies and numerous blue chip corporations.

SLP Environmental can also provide Phase 2 Environmental Assessment Services (ESA) to identify the nature, extent and sources of environmental contamination as well as the degree of risk to sensitive environmental and human receptors such as the site users and local water quality. Where the Phase 2 ESA indicates that unacceptable risks are present we can provide Phase 3 Land Contamination Remediation services to clean-up contaminated soils and groundwater to safe levels.

SLP Environmental’s Directors are Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv) and members of The Due Diligence Group, Mergers and Acquisitions Professionals and the Environmental Compliance Consultants Group. We also offer international quality Phase 1 Environmental Due Diligence and Environment, Health and Safety auditing services in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.