Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Audit

Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Audit

Pre-acquisition Audit, Malaysia

SLP Environmental was appointed by a global manufacturing client to conduct and report an Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance Audit for an electronic components manufacturing facility situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as part of the pre-acquisition due diligence process. The primary objective of the study was to provide the client with an understanding of the environmental, health and safety liability and compliance situation at the target facility that could have a material impact on the value or the operability of the asset.

Our trained auditors interviewed members of the facilities management and operations team and conducted a detailed inspection of the facility and the operations and activities thereon. Particular attention was paid to procedures and practices pertaining to general environmental management, hazardous materials, hazardous wastes, bulk storage, wastewater, air emissions, nuisance controls and other miscellaneous environmental aspects. The assessment also included a detailed records review to assess whether the facility was in possession of all the relevant environmental licenses, consents and permits as required under Malaysian law for their operations.

This was supplemented with a review of the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) procedures and practices including HSE management structure, fire prevention, explosion risk and accident and incident rates. Checks were also made to ensure that all the appropriate health and safety licenses, consents and permits were in place and that the facility was operating in compliance with such.

Prior to executing the EHS audit the facility management were provided with a Document Request List and the relevant documentation collected by the facility was reviewed during the audit. A photolog of the primary audit findings was also compiled for the report.

The report included a checklist detailing the environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements applicable to the operations at the target facility and the current compliance status of the facility with respect to each regulatory obligation.