Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Offshore

Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Offshore

Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration, Block MD-2, Myanmar

SLP Environmental consultants recently provided Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) consultancy services for oil and gas exploration activities proposed in the Moattama Basin offshore block area in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

The ultimate objective of the study is to ensure that the potential impacts of the project on the natural and social environment, whether positive or negative, are appropriately assessed at the planning and decision making stage, thus enabling appropriate measures to be put in place to prevent or otherwise mitigate any potentially negative impacts of a project whilst enhancing the positive impacts, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

The ESIA study is being undertaken in accordance with the clients corporate standards, industry good practice, benchmarking against relevant international performance standards and Myanmar’s regulatory requirements, including the:

• International Finance Corporation (IFC) 2012 Performance Standards
• International Finance Corporation (IFC) 2007 EHS Guidelines for Offshore Oil and Gas Development
• Myanmar; Environmental Impact Assessment Procedure and
• Myanmar Investment Commission Notification 50/2014

SLP is conducting the ESIA study in partnership with a global consultancy firm and is primarily responsible for the local content including:

• The institutional and regulatory framework
• Environmental baseline studies
• Protected areas and biodiversity
• Socio-economic profiling and stakeholder ID
• Waste management and
• Health baseline