Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Assessment

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Assessment

Chemical Production & Storage Facility, Java, Indonesia

SLP Environmental consultants (Konsultan Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Lingkungan) were appointed to conduct a Phase 1 Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Assessment at an industrial chemicals facility located in West Java, Indonesia. The EHS liability and compliance assessment was instructed by the vendor as part of the divestment due diligence process and the report was uploaded into the transaction data room.

The Phase 1 EHS was conducted in general conformance with the methods and procedures described in ISO:14015 (2001) – Environmental Management — Environmental Assessment of Sites and Organizations, and was supplemented with an assessment of Occupational Health and Safety performance and compliance.

The assessment comprised of the production of a bespoke pre-audit questionnaire for completion by facility management, a detailed inspection of the site and its environs, interviews with key staff and a review of the records and data compiled for the questionnaire. Desk study research was also undertaken with respect to the environmental sensitivity of the study site area and this included information on historic landuses, local geology and hydrogeology, hydrology & protected areas.

Particular attention was paid during the site inspection to the management and operational practices associated with the storage and handling of hazardous substances, solid waste management, emissions to environmental media, water supply and waste water controls, soil and groundwater quality and occupational health and safety practices and procedures.

The assessment included an EHS material compliance review to check i) whether the operations and practices at the study site complied with the relevant Indonesian environmental, occupational health and safety regulations, and 11) whether all the appropriate EHS licenses, permits and permissions were in place for the facilities operations and activities.