Environmental Close Out Audit

Environmental Close Out Audit

Hazardous Chemicals Storage Facility, Indonesia

Our client was in the process of divesting of a chemical production and storage facility located in the Jababeka Industrial Estate, Cikarang, Indonesia and as part of their due diligence exercise required a close-out environmental audit to be conducted with the objective of assessing whether there are any potential contingent environmental liabilities (under Indonesian Law) associated with the vacated site.

SLP Environmental Consultants were appointed to conduct a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment at the study site. The primary objective of the Phase 1 ESA was to assess whether any recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were associated with the study site (post closure) as defined within guidance presented in ASTM E 1527 – 05; “Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process”.

The site was subject to a detailed site and environs inspection, interviews were held with former members of staff and tenants of neighbouring properties. The pre-acquisition Phase 1 ESA report was reviewed to assess whether conditions at the property may have changed during the intervening period.

Documentation pertaining to waste disposal and environmental monitoring was also examined to verify that all residual hazardous substances had been appropriately disposed of and that recent emissions to environmental media were within tolerable and regulatory limits.

The results of the study were used to undertake a qualitative environmental risk assessment of the residual site conditions and establish an overall post closure environmental risk rating for the study site.