Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance Audit

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance Audit

Automotive Manufacturer, Chonburi, Thailand

SLP Environmental was appointed to conduct and report an Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance Audit at a large automotive manufacturing facility in Eastern Thailand. The audit was commissioned by corporate headquarters as part of their annual global Independent HSE Performance Audit.

The primary objective of the EHS audit was to assess whether operations and activities at the facility were i) in compliance with Thailand’s HSE regulatory requirements and the clients internal best practice standards, and where non-compliances were identified, to ii) recommend corrective actions along with the associated costings, timeframes and assignment of responsibilities to rectify the non conformance.

As a first stage in the assessment process the facility management was issued a Pre-Audit Questionnaire and Document Preparation List for their attention prior to the auditors site visit.

The audit lasted five days and comprised of a visitor orientation and H&S Inductions for SLP staff followed by the opening meeting and Introductions. The EHS management team provided SLP auditors with a brief facility presentation summarizing the facility operations, EHS programs and known issues or opportunities for strengthening the facility’s environmental, health and safety performance. This was followed by an orientation tour of the facility to help SLP’s auditors become familiar with the layout of the facility and to identify areas of the facility which required further detailed examination.

Based on the findings of the walkthrough additional targeted inspections of internal and external areas of the facility were conducted and interviews held with representatives of the EHS Management Team. The company EHS documents compiled at SLP’s request were checked to verify that all the appropriate permits, licenses and permissions were in place for the facilities operations and that all emissions and discharges conformed with regulatory criteria.

The audit concluded with a Close-Out Meeting for regional managers and a detailed audit report was prepared for local management and corporate headquarters.