Environmental, Health and Safety Legal Register

Environmental, Health and Safety Legal Register

Solar Power Plant, Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam


SLP Environmental was appointed to prepare the Environmental, Health and Safety Legal Register (EHS LR) for the operation and maintenance of a 50 MW Solar PV Power Plant located in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam.

SLP prepared an Operations Phase Screening Questionnaire for completion by the Clients operations team in order to ensure that the EHS LR was tailored to the operation undertaken at the project site.

In order to further align the EHS LR with the activities and operations undertaken at the Solar PV project site, SLPs assessors conducted a one day site familiarisation tour at the operational site.

Based on the above, SLP compiled a bespoke EHS Legal Register for the project which clearly identified the national environmental and health and safety performance requirements applicable to the operation of the project. At the request of the client the EHS LR also included legal requirements related to labour and working conditions and security.

The EHS LR included a synopsis of each particular regulatory requirement including the full legal citation. The register also provided the details regarding any permits and licenses required for specific activities as well as training and competency requirements for project personnel performing EHS critical roles.

Helpful guidance notes were also provided where necessary to assist the client in discharging their legal obligations relating to health and safety performance.

The EHS LR was presented by EHS Theme and Subtheme in a clear and concise spreadsheet format with hyper links to the source legislation.