Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment

Chemical Production Facility, Malaysia

SLP Environmental was appointed to conduct a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (Phase 2 ESA) at an operational chemical production and distribution facility located in Peninsula Malaysia. The study was conducted in accordance with practice presented in ASTM E1903-11 and the primary objective was to establish the soil and groundwater conditions underlying the subject property. The Phase 2 ESA was instructed by the vendor as part of the divestment due diligence process and the Phase 2 ESA report was uploaded into the transaction data room.

The Phase 2 site investigation scope of works comprised of i) a review of the Phase 1 ESA for the subject property, ii) the design of the site investigation, iii) the drilling of five soil bores, iv) the installation of three temporary groundwater monitoring wells, v) the sampling and laboratory analysis of recovered soil and groundwater samples for a comprehensive suite of chemical parameters at a ISO17025 accredited laboratory, surveying of borehole positions and wellhead elevation and, vii) the decommissioning of the bores and wells and like for like reinstatement of property surfaces.

The soil and groundwater test results were compared with Malaysian and international quality standards for an industrial landuse to assess whether the recorded ground conditions represented an unacceptable risk to human and/or environmental receptors.

The study culminated in the production of a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment Report that included a qualitative risk assessment for each identified potentially vulnerable environmental receptor, an environmental risk rating for the subject property and a determination as to whether any recognised environmental conditions (RECs) were associated with the property.

The report appendices included site plans and relevant figures, engineering logs, well construction details, field monitoring data, chemical test results and a full photolog of the works.