Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance Monitoring

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance Monitoring

Steel Foundry, Thailand

SLP Environmental was appointed to conduct Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance EHS monitoring at a steel foundry and machining facility located on the eastern seaboard of Thailand. Our services comprised of stack and ambient air monitoring, internal and external noise level monitoring, internal dust and heat and light level measurements.

10No. positions were selected for workplace noise monitoring using RION Integrated Sound Level Meters, 6No. positions were selected for dust monitoring using cyclone pumps with 37mm filters with Gravimetric measurement as per NIOSH 0600. 1No. ambient air monitoring station was positioned at the fence line between the main furnace stack and the nearest neighbouring residential properties for a 24 hours period.

The four atmospheric vent stacks present on site were associated with the Sand Treatment System (with Dust Cyclone pollution abatement technology) and Furnace Flue Gas (with Wet Scrubber pollution abatement technology).

Additional sampling ports were drilled in the stacks to ensure compliance with the relevant Notification of the National Environmental Board B.E. 2549 sampling methodologies. As no sampling gantry was present at any of the stacks a platform lift was used to conduct the stack monitoring and sampling works which were undertaken using Chemical Absorption and Isokinetic Methods.

Following the completion of the compliance monitoring exercise a Compliance Monitoring Report was produced detailing the monitoring results and a comparative assessment against relevant Thai quality standards. Where exceedances of standards were recorded the report recommended remedial works and corrective actions to address the non compliances and improve the working conditions for employees and local environmental quality.