Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Audits

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Audits

Industrial Chemicals Manufacturing Facilities, ASEAN

SLP Environmental consultants were appointed by a European client to conduct Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) liability and compliance assessments at several chemical production and hazardous substances storage and distribution facilities located in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand (South East Asia). The EHS liability and compliance assessments were instructed by the vendor as part of the divestment due diligence process and the report was uploaded into the transaction data room.

The Phase 1 EHS assessments were conducted in general conformance with the framework described in ISO:14015 (2001) – Environmental Management — Environmental Assessment of Sites and Organizations, but were supplemented with an assessment of Occupational Health and Safety practices and procedures at each facility.

The assessment comprised the production of a pre-audit questionnaire for completion by the facilities management, a detailed inspection of the sites and their environs, interviews with key staff and a review of the records and data compiled by local management as requested in the questionnaire. Desk study research was also undertaken with respect to the environmental sensitivity of the study site area and this included information on historic land uses, local geology and hydrogeology, hydrology and protected areas.

Particular attention was paid during the site inspection to the management and operational practices associated with the storage and handling of hazardous substances, solid waste management, emissions to environmental media, water supply and waste water controls, soil and groundwater quality and occupational health and safety issues.

The assessment included a compliance review to check whether the operations and activities at each study site conformed with the environmental, occupational health and safety requirements of the host country and to verify that all the appropriate licenses, permits and permissions were in place for the facilities operations and activities.