Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Audit

Environmental, Health & Safety Compliance Audit

Aerospace Components Servicing Facility, Malaysia

SLP Environmental was appointed by a Global Aerospace Technology Company to conduct a Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance audit one of their global facilities located in Peninsula Malaysia. The client is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products and the audited facility was engaged in the maintenance, repair and overall of aerospace component parts for the commercial and military aerospace sectors.

The primary objective of the EHS audit was to determine whether the facility was complying with all the relevant EHS laws and regulations that were applicable to their particular activities and ensure that the EHS legal registers for the facility was complete and current. The scope of works included interviews with senior EHS staff, an orientation tour of the facility and a review of the available EHS records.

Following the completion of the facility audits SLP’s assessors reviewed our internal EHS database as part of the gap analysis process and updated the legal register for the facility as necessary. SLP also provided topic specific guidance and other EHS insights to the facility managers during the audit close out meeting.

A detailed EHS audit report was prepared for the facility which identified the non compliances and root causes (ranked by significance) and made recommendations with respect to the corrective actions required to address the non conformances including budgetary estimates, timescales and apportionment of responsibilities. The report was issued to facility management and corporate headquarters in the US.