The COVID-19 Pandemic: Our continuing operations and how we can assist clients across the ASEAN region

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Our continuing operations and how we can assist clients across the ASEAN region

The coronavirus has brought about challenging times for our clients, partners and employees throughout the ASEAN region. At SLP Environmental, we take our responsibility as an employer and business partner very seriously, and the health and safety of our employees, clients and suppliers is our foremost priority.

SLP would like to assure our clients, and potential clients, that our business operations continue and have not been impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. As of the 1st June 2020 all office staff have returned to working from our offices (excluding Myanmar). Even though international travel between the ASEAN jurisdictions has been restricted, this has not significantly impacted on our operations, as SLP is fortunate to have staff and Associates in all ASEAN jurisdictions and we continue to offer our full range of environmental, social and health and safety consulting and advisory services across South East Asia.

The health and safety of our staff and clients is paramount, and our internal risk assessment process has been comprehensively upgraded to specifically consider potential risks to our staff, clients and the general public arising from the performance of our services. Human interactions are limited to those that are necessary and the default position for audits and meetings at this time is to use platforms such as Skype, Teams and Zoom. This is providing to be a great success.

Where site visits are essential, our auditors and assessors are fully equipped with the appropriate PPE and follow practicable social distancing guidelines. All SLP staff have been applying social distancing measures since mid February 2020 and none of our staff has contracted the virus. It is our mission to ensure that this continues to be the case, and we would not perform any action that jeopardises the health and safety of our staff, clients or the general public. We have adapted our way of working during this difficult time, but our experience has been that this has not fundamentally affected our ability to continue to provide our core services.

SLP staff can complete projects throughout Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia. Our ability to complete projects located in Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei are dependent on the services and scope of works required. Please do get in touch with us so we can advise whether it is possible for our staff to complete travel to your project site location and/or complete office based assessment services for your project.

We wish all our clients, colleagues, suppliers and network our best wishes and hope everyone stays safe and well during these challenging times.