ASEAN: SLP Environmental Offer Soil and Groundwater Contamination Remediation Services

ASEAN: SLP Environmental Offer Soil and Groundwater Contamination Remediation Services

Press Release: 1st January 2011

Phase 3 Environmental Remediation (Site Clean-Up) is the process of cleaning up polluted sites by treating, immobilizing or removing contaminants present in soil and groundwater at the project site with the ultimate objective of reducing risks to human health and ecological systems to acceptable levels. SLP Environmental Consultants specialize in utilizing the latest quantitative environmental risk assessment (QRA) computer modelling tools to derive project-specific clean-up targets for each contaminant of concern and remedial optioneering methodologies to identify the most appropriate remediation solution. This process culminates in the production of a Remediation Action Plan and Remediation Specification that can be used for specialist contractor tendering purposes.

SLP Environmental has extensive experience in designing, managing and delivering (to budget and programme) some of the most complex and challenging land and groundwater contamination remediation projects undertaken globally. We design, implement, manage and verify the remedial works, and upon scheme completion produce a comprehensive Validation Report which contains a full record of the works with accompanying drawings, chemical test results & monitoring data. Furthermore, we are able to assess the environmental sustainability credentials and carbon footprint of each potential remedial solution using specialist in-house computer modelling tools.

SLP Environmental was recently commissioned by a North American client to undertake Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments at a steel foundry site located in Eastern Thailand. The Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment identified soil contamination in one sector of the site and SLP were consequently commissioned to design, implement, manage and verify a Phase 3 Soil Remediation package of works for the site. The primary objective of the soil remediation works was to reduce risks to environmental and human receptors to acceptable levels and SLP formulated a Environmental Remediation Strategy for the site that comprised; i) the controlled excavation of the contaminated material, ii) the ex-situ stabilization of the contaminated material to reduce contaminant mobility, iii) the disposal of the stabilized material to a licensed hazardous waste landfill and, iv) the backfilling of the excavation with clean imported materials.

Following the excavation of the contaminated materials the base of the remediation excavation was subject to sampling and rapid turnaround chemical testing to verify that the residual contaminant concentrations were below the Remediation Target Values (RTVs) developed for the project. Any area recording exceedances of the project RTVs were subject to further localised excavation and retesting until compliance with the project RTVs was achieved. Once it was verified by SLP that the residual contaminant concentrations were below the project RTVs the excavated soils were replaced with a chemically acceptable granular fill material which was then compacted to a suitable standard to enable continued current operations at the facility.

The contaminated soils were transported to a specialist waste treatment and disposal facility where they were stabilized with proprietary stabilizing agents prior to their disposal in a licensed hazardous waste landfill. A cradle to grave waste transfer manifest regime was strictly implemented and monitored during the works and SLP Environmental produced a detailed Remediation Validation Report for the project that detailed the works that were undertaken and presented the supporting evidence to verify that the site had been successfully remediated and no longer presented a risk to environmental and/or human receptors.

SLP Senior Staff are Chartered Environmentalists (CEnv) and Chartered Scientists (CSci) as well as members of The Environmental Compliance Consultants and Environmental Remediation Specialists Groups. Our project experience covers a wide range of sectors, including; real estate, manufacturing, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, waste, transport and telecommunications and our satisfied clients include; private equity investment funds, manufacturers, developers, insurers, lawyers, risk & liability management firms, international environmental consultancies and numerous blue chip corporations.

SLP Environmental Consultants offer Phase 3 Soil and Groundwater Remediation services in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.